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Montgomery County Veterinary Hospital

At World of Animals at Elkins Park, we strive to provide quality veterinary care for our patients while delivering exceptional customer service to our clients. We know your pets are more than pets; they are family. Locations in Bucks County, Montgomery County, And Philadelphia Areas.

Heartworm Prevention Montgomery County Veterinarian

Becoming A Veterinary Technician Montgomery County

Becoming a Veterinarian or veterinary technician is more than a job; it’s a way of life. It sometimes means bringing our patients home with us at night. Not literally of course, but in our thoughts as we hope the patients we saw that day are doing better and that our treatments, medications, and therapeutics are helping to improve the quantity and quality of their lives.

Dogs With Upset Stomach Veterinary Hospital In Montgomery County

There are many reasons why your dog may have an “Upset Stomach” including dietary indiscretion/intolerance, bacterial, viral, GI parasites and systemic diseases including pancreatitis. If your pet is experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea, we recommend that you call to make an appointment for your pet to be examined by one of our veterinarians.

It's National Pet Day

It's National Pet Day. We encourage you to give some special attention to your pets who may not get that extra attention that they need.

Chronic Bad Breath In Pets Montgomery County Veterinary Hospital

Have you noticed your pet’s breath becoming worse, particularly over time? So, what does it mean when our pets have Bad Breath? If you notice that your furry friend’s mouth is starting to emit a foul, odorous smell, your pet may be experiencing some health-related problems.